Jarm Adjusting

Property Loss Adjusting

Jarm Adjusting was founded on the provision of loss adjusting services to Insurer’s around Australia and this still remains the primary focus of our operation. Each member of our team is a tertiary qualified loss adjuster, with support and peer review provided by Chartered Loss Adjusters.

Membership to the Australian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters is mandatory for all of our adjusting staff and the AICLA Charter is an integral part of our business ethos, giving our clients the assurance of only the highest professional level and quality of service being offered to their policy holders.

Every year Jarm Adjusting conducts assessments on claims ranging from small domestic storm damage to multi-million dollar engineering and property losses. We service locations from as close to home as the Perth CBD extending to the remote areas of Australia, interstate and overseas.

Our focus is with specialist Insurer’s, where our dedicated team can easily adapt to individual requirements whilst still maintaining a supreme level of professional services.

Major Loss & Disaster

Effective management a large single loss, or multiple losses from a significant single event, is a highly complex task and our team have extensive experience and knowledge in undertaking this type of work. Our dedicated resources allow us to manage even the largest and most complex property losses with the level of professionalism and expertise demanded by our clients.

In the event of a disaster, our service ethos compels us to ensure each and every claim is considered a priority regardless of claim numbers. We have the ability to escalate our resources to meet rising demand with confidence, with structured workload to ensure that we can also meet client service expectations. Our affiliation with ASTA Group also provides rapid access to highly qualified resources across Australia and New Zealand to support capacity requirements.

Engineering, Machinery Breakdown And Fusion

Engineering based losses are arguably the least understood area of the insurance claims sector and this is an area in which Jarm Adjusting has specific knowledge and expertise. Our engineering adjusters all hold formal practical and tertiary qualifications in the engineering fields relevant to the types of claim serviced.

However, having confidence in the knowledge of the service provider alone will not alleviate the disputes that can arise due to a lack of technical understanding by the parties involved. For this reason our primary focus is to ensure reports are carefully written to explain the rationale for recommendations in a clear and concise manner for understanding by the non-technical reader.

Our structure of using qualified personnel as both the loss adjuster and the technical expert provides unprecedented credibility in our reporting, as the adjuster intimately understands not only how the equipment works but what is specifically required for reinstatement and issues that can potentially prevent a smooth return to service.

Whilst most assessments and investigations are conducted internally thus eliminating the need for duplicate reporting, the larger and more complex losses almost always require external experts for a specific scope within the claim. To ensure the highest quality of information is provided to our clients Jarm Adjusting has developed excellent working partnerships with only respected and qualified industry experts both locally and internationally to meet these requirements.

Our services include expert assessment and management of machinery breakdown, electronic breakdown and boiler and pressure vessel claims, with size ranging from SME based loss through to major processing/manufacturing facilities and power generation.

Business Interruption

There is no doubt that damage to property or breakdown of plant and equipment can lead to significant business interruption losses. It is therefore critical that exposure is identified early and effective mitigation strategies are implemented using innovative solutions to minimise ongoing losses.

To service this unique claims sector our team have combined a detailed knowledge of specific issues that arise from many different business types coupled with extensive resources to provide alternative premises and equipment where possible to keep business trading during repairs.

In addition, the experience of the engineering team on repair of specialised machinery supports the property team in finding rapid solutions for reinstatement or alternative equipment to meet demand whilst permanent repairs or replacements can be undertaken.


Jarm Adjusting only uses highly experienced business interruption loss adjusters to gather and analyse confidential financial and circumstantial information. We pride ourselves on finding the most effective calculation methods to provide logical and robust settlement strategies whilst minimising impact to clients in document gathering and preparation.

Settlement negotiations are always undertaken with the involvement of all parties in a highly ethical, fair and respectful manner, ensuring that the Insured and their representatives have plenty of opportunity to review and provide input to the final claim outcomes. It is using this method that delivers shortened negotiation periods, reduced claim costs, scarcity of disputes, and high levels of satisfaction for both clients and policy holders.