Consulting taking knowledge to the next level

At Jarm Adjusting we believe the scope of our expertise can provide essential consulting services beyond claims loss adjustment. We therefore also offer the following consulting services that can be conducted either as a solid foundation to a loss adjusting assignment or as an independent investigation for insurance professional, legal and industry related purposes.

Root Cause Analysis

Using our specific experience with a vast range of equipment we can provide independent consulting on the nature and extent of damage, plus pre-existing or underlying condition, to all types of engineering plant where required as part of external review or dispute on claim outcome.

Root cause analysis is conducted to identify the cause of breakdown or damage with detailed explanation of the circumstances that gave rise to the loss. Where the cause cannot be identified we can provide accurate discussion on the potential causes concluding with a balance-of-probabilities recommendation.

Fire Cause Investigation (Forensic Engineering)

Outside of malicious or deliberate causes, the majority of property fires originate from engineering based causes, such as electrical faults, air conditioning and mechanical services equipment.

In order to accurately identify the trigger, timing and circumstances of fire origin it is vital that the investigator have a detailed understanding of the construction, principle of operation and physical appearance of the engineering systems potentially involved, rather than just fire behaviour predications.

We have consultants in our team that hold qualifications in the electrical, refrigeration and mechanical services fields, in conjunction with formal training and experience in fire cause analysis, which is specific to the majority cause of fires in the built environment.

Using these skills we can provide detailed technical analysis of fire cause to assist in determination of the faulty equipment involved, circumstances of loss as well as recovery potential against negligent installation, operation or manufacture.

Dispute Resolution

It is no surprise that where claims are determined without full knowledge of the technical facts that a dispute will arise, particularly where the parties do not understand the rationale behind a negative decision.

We offer a full and independent review service of claims disputes to advise on the correct policy response given the circumstances, equipment involved and nature of the loss. We do not take an adversarial approach to these issues, rather we offer clearly explained unbiased opinion in order to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties.