Jarm Fire

Forensic Fire Investigation

Jarm Fire specialises in forensic fire investigation for all types of fire and explosion cases, adhering to the strict requirements of the Scientific Method as adopted worldwide via NFPA 921. All investigations are conducted with strict impartiality under the Expert Codes of Conduct in context of the latest version of NFPA 921 to guarantee robust and credible conclusions able to withstand cross-examination.

With extensive background of technical knowledge, Jarm Fire investigators are also subject matter experts on electrical, electronic and mechanical fire causes. This often eliminates the need for external consultants in these areas, providing unprecedented depth, continuity, consistency and efficiency to fire investigations.

Jarm Fire has aligned with world-leading forensic experts for chemical, metallurgical and materials analysis where required on specific assignments. Using highly reputable laboratory services, Jarm Fire maintains legal chain-of-custody evidence management for accurate and reliable results every time.